There will be no Freedom 5K in 2018.
Thank you for your interest and support.
Freedom Isn’t Free!
More on the future of this event soon.



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Running Course

• Turn right out of the clubhouse driveway, onto Piper Way.
• Veer right onto Carroll Creek Road.
• Turn right on Limestone Crossing Road.
• Circle the cul-de-sac at the end of Limestone Crossing Road and head back to clubhouse.
• Turn left on Carroll Creek Road.
• Veer left on Piper Way.
• Run past the Clubhouse (not done yet!) ½ mile, turn right on Paddington.
• Turnabout  on Paddington.
• Left back onto Piper Way.  (sweet downhill to the finish!)
• Right onto clubhouse driveway—Done!

The course is two ‘up and back’s. First out and back about 2 miles, returning you to the start/finish area, and the last up and back totaling about 1 mile.  Water for people and pets provided at the same spot on the first up and back at about the ½ mile mark, and 1.5 mile mark.